The Civilian-Military Divide: Bridging the Gap

“The Army is at war and America is at Walmart.” Americans love their military and are proud of its accomplishments. But most today have little idea what military service entails. In turn, service personnel see themselves as having little in common with the rest of the country. Not only do they see themselves as “different” from the civilian population, but also often “better” by virtue of the self-sacrifice, competencies and discipline characterizing their lives. The civilian-military gap has taken on an edge, contributed to a public detachment from conflicts, and loosened civilian control of the military. To watch the full video Bridging the Gap click on this link.

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For Queen and Country

An hour-long program on contemporary officer training programs at universities in the United Kingdom.

University-based officer training programs in other countries continue to this day. In Britain, every year hundreds of students elect to pass through the Officer Training Corps, receiving training in personal and group leadership, military skills, and outdoor activities. Today, the OTC is considered the best club on campus, combining learning, sports and social connections often lasting a lifetime.

No Country For Young Men

An hour-long program on the lost tradition of Canadian universities hosting leadership training for Canadian Forces officers.

In a bygone era, the bells would ring at Canadian universities in tribute to students who received military training on campus. The program had a modest beginning at McGill University in 1912, but at its height in the mid-1950s it was training 3000 officer cadets in some 60 reserve units at 35 universities across Canada. Then, suddenly, the program was cancelled. A Canadian success story thrown away.

Citizen Soldier

An hour-long program about the citizen soldiers of Canada.

Drawing on the experiences of reservists – a sailor with an MBA, a telephone technician in the Army, a student with the Air Cadets – this program puts a camera on the lives of some of the part-time volunteers who form the backbone of the Canadian Forces. Various options being tried to reconnect Canadians and the regular members of the Canadian army, navy and air force are looked at.

The Seven Year Project



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