Breakout-beginnings Canadian National Leadership Program Basic Overview








Breakout’s Beginnings and Purpose

In the 1990’s Canada was struggling to deal with its own long term security and economic well-being. The country was deeply in debt and faced the worst economic crisis since the 30’s. In the midst of all of this Breakout Educational Network was born to tackle these issues and others.

Breakout is a registered charitable educational organization with two primary mandates: the first was to conduct research and produce materials that would educate Canadians on matters of public policy, and second was to disseminate its findings to the largest possible audience.

Breakout Educational Network is a public policy institute like no other. We tackle issues of the day knowing that making any meaningful change requires one to think in the long term and be prolific in the use of film. We stand alone in the public policy arena because of our commitment to the audio-visual recording and presentation of policy issues. We systematically begin and end with video and this has delivered results.








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