Carl G. Amrhein, Provost and Vice President (Academic), University of Alberta
We join many Members of Parliament and Senate, as well as those elements in the citizenry who wish only to expose and further develop the leadership potential in young Canadians for the benefit of this great country.

Peter Devlin, President Fanshawe College
As the new President of one of the largest community colleges in Ontario, it’s my intention to introduce a pilot program similar to that of the University of Alberta to demonstrate the successful application of the CNLP concept to community colleges in Canada.

Lt Gen (ret) Michel Maisonneuve, Director of Studies, Royal Military College St Jean
The Canadian National Leadership Program is essential for developing the leadership potential of young Canadians. Such a program at universities and colleges will strengthen the connection between communities and their armed forces, and will demonstrate the value of a leadership program based on service to our country. The CNLP is an excellent complement to existing leadership programs and responds to a crying need in our society for the development of leaders.

Christopher Histead, CEO Public Technology Limited, London
What I learned from my academic degree has got no comparison to the value of the Officer Training Corps for a business person.

Lt. Colonel Simon Gray, Commanding Officer OTC, Cambridge University
If you’d seen them when I managed to attract them to join the OTC in October, 120 kids fresh from home starting their university life, the difference only a few months make is incredible.

Emma Jude, student, veterinary science, Cambridge
It was an incredible experience.

James Danvers, student, Homerton College, Cambridge
In terms of the ethos that the OTC fosters in me, in terms of the camaraderie, the trust that you have in others, your willingness to have a get up and go attitude to life is valuable, not just to society but to the individual as well.

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