Everyone benefits in their own way.

Students receive world-class leadership training, get paid for it at Reserve officer training rates (roughly $12K per year), earn a certificate of leadership ability which immediately enhances their prospects for employment and promotion, and acquire attitudes and skills which will help them throughout their lives.

Universities and colleges satisfy a longstanding desire to be able to equip their graduates with the skills they will need for employability and success in whatever career they choose.

Business leaders can select new hires with the skills they have long lamented graduating students lack – such as a can-do attitude, critical thinking, planning and teamwork skills, executive potential — and which the students themselves report they wished they had had when first joining the workforce.

The Canadian Armed Forces rebuild their ties with influential institutions of higher learning, acquire a powerful new recruiting tool to tap into a highly sought-after demographic for the Reserves, and help educate a large cadre of the future leaders of Canada who will respect the important role the Forces play and can be counted on for support in future.

Canada receives an annual adrenaline shot of exceptionally competent young men and women whose cumulative impact on the workforce and society will change the country.


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