Lisa Schurich, Director of the 3P Human Security Program talks about the antagonism that has grown between civilians and members of the military.

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Here is an exerpt from Lisa’s interview:

“The organization that I’m part of, the 3P human security project works to blend the roles of civil society and building human security. Before this we were called the 3D security initiative, which looked at the relationship of diplomacy, development and defense because a lot of civil society is involved in diplomacy and development and we thought this is the more comprehensive approach,  a whole of society approach to thinking about security.

I have traveled up to the U.S. Army War College, three hours north of here many times and their faculty has come here. We have an ongoing relationship, we cosponsor conferences together and both of us realize that we need each other’s perspective. Because in a place like Afghanistan or Iraq,  where I can’t solve the problems by myself and the military can’t solve the problems by themselves. Somehow, we have to be involved in a discussion about the way forward for a truly more safe and secure world.”

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“The Civilian-Military Divide: Bridging the Gap” Video Preview with Lisa Schirch