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Professor Greg Foster’s further comments on the civilian-military divide are included below in an excerpt from his interview.

“I am very concerned about the, the level and the quality of interaction between American society and, and our military institution. On the one hand, it seems to an outside observer that military affairs and, and activities related to the military so, so heavily and deeply permeate our society, that we, we may appear to be or to have a much closer relationship than, than I think we actually do. I believe there is a very real danger, especially in the absence of conscription or a draft, I think there’s a very real danger that, that our society in the main and our professional, professionals in uniform will become estranged from one another. And there’s a, there’s a supreme irony here because although public opinion polls conducted annually by Gallup and Harris, repeatedly demonstrate that the American public have perhaps the highest degree of trust and confidence in the military, compared to other institutions, both public and private in American society.”

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“The Civilian-Military Divide: Bridging the Gap” Preview – Professor Greg Foster