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Lorelei Kelly is the a national security specialist who focuses on helping citizens and elected leaders re-frame security in light of the challenges revealed by 9/11. She currently directs the national security program at the American Progressive Caucus Policy Foundation, an organizational hub between the new progressive movement and its elected leadership in the U.S. Congress.

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“I noticed when I came to work in congress in the late 90s, ayou had military officers repeatedly coming to testify in front of committees and in so many words, nine out of ten of them said something to effect of, the use of force will not work to solve this problem. It requires a political and a social solution. The military can help to a certain extent but we require civilian leadership, on the ground in the countries they were working in, and back here at home in the executive branch, the presidency and the state department, and certain in congress. And what I found over years of working on capitol hill is members of congress are about 10 to 15 years behind the military in understanding fundamentally that we’re bringing the wrong set of tools to fix problems in today’s world.

So 9/11 comes along and does that, does that forward the agenda or does that put the agenda backwards in your, in your estimation because you tell me a little bit about, you know, before the war actually erupts, you know, the military is on the hill saying, this kind of stuff and you’re seeing the politicians are deaf to this.

I think one of the things we’re seeing is that there’s a civic vacuum in this country. We haven’t spent time and effort helping Americans understand what I guess you would call a civic narrative, collective outcomes. We’re all in this together, we’re a team. And you’ve also got a really bitter political divide in this country where you actually have a tax on social goods, a tax on social capital some people call it, which is outputs and outcomes that are about collaboration and cooperation and mutual interest.”

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“The Civilian-Military Divide: Bridging the Gap” – New preview with Lorelei Kelly